Our Family Based Business ... Meet our Family

We bought this property shortly after getting married in 1998.  Shortly after that we started our family which already included Benoit from Henri's first marriage and along came Daniel who brightened our lives even more. Next was Michel who always kept us on our toes and has grown into a very helpful young man.  Now as our children have grown we have decided to share our property with you.   We started clearing and preparing in 2013, then came the building of the cabin and learning to launch our business to the world.  Here we are today with Camp Brigitte.  Henri passed away in 2018 after a short battle with Cancer and am currently trying to keep things going and possibly expand in the near future.

We hope you find our accommodations enjoyable and hope you will return again.   You just never know what experience you can have on our ever changing agenda.  

Thank you for visiting our site and hope to see you soon, the Bedards

How Camp Brigitte got her name......

Brigitte Boivin was born April 2nd, 1952 in Pointe- Bleue Quebec.  Brigitte was one of 23 brothers and sisters, who most of them were placed in Residential schools and were subjected to horrific conditions but finally they got out at the age of 16 Brigitte married Richard Poirier, and they had three children, Nancy, Nathalie, and Jean-Marc.   Brigitte past away suddenly in Feb, 2012.  In memory of Brigitte who loved fishing, hunting and being outdoors, we dedicate this camp in her name.