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Mon. 2/19 5:00 PM Family

with meals for 10

Thu. 2/22 6:30 PM Air Cadets

12 to 15 people

Sat. 2/24 11:00 AM closed family funeral
Sat. 3/17 All day St. Patrick's Day (Saint Patrick)
Sun. 4/22 All day Earth Day (Fête de la Terre)
Sun. 7/1 All day Canada Day (Fête du Canada)
Mon. 7/9 All day Nunavut Day Nanuvat only
Sun. 11/11 All day Remembrance Day (Jour du Souvenir)
Tue. 12/25 All day Christmas Day (Noël)
Wed. 12/26 All day Boxing Day (Lendemain de Noël)
Thu. 2/14 All day Valentines Day (Saint Valentin)
Fri. 2/14 All day Valentines Day (Saint Valentin)
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